The world is filled with many serious problems at the moment and we are all looking and searching for good news, connection and purpose. Most of us want to make a difference, it is a very deep human desire. We are wired, wanting to leave our legacies behind and to know that our lives have mattered.


What is Crazy Dreamers?

Consumers have so much power and can drive the revolution in supporting ethical businesses to flourish so that they become the mainstream and just the accepted norm for how we all live. I want to inspire and educate you with the stories of those, like me, Kathy Wong, who have created businesses that are changing the world by tackling large social, environmental and community issues.

Let’s Dream Crazy Together!

Can you imagine a world where everything we consume, whether it be a service or product has a positive impact on humanity?

I want you to be part of this movement , the revolution of how businesses are now much more than making a profit, they are being led by heart centred leaders.


Why should I care?

Our Show, Crazy Dreamers TV, The Businesses for good Show will feature exciting opportunities, gives tips on how to build a  purposeful business ( social enterprise ) whilst  showcasing businesses at all ages and stages. You might even be connected to others to make  your dreams a larger reality too!

If you are already part of this revolution as a social entrepreneur or as a consumer, supporter of a do good business or you are just curious and want to feel good than do tune in to our show when it launches.

This show begins soon as you will be travelling with me to far away lands, across the globe, as we meet other crazies with their dreams to make a difference and challenge the status quo of life and business.



Youtube Channel

"When you have a dream that is sparked, know that it is your job to stoke that flame."

- Kathy Wong



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